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STEP 1: Complete the purchase process.  Upon the successful payment of your one-time fee of $245 $195, you will receive a unique password to take the Winslow Assessment.  (It will appear on screen, and be sent to your email address.) You will receive instructions on how to take the profile, and how to receive your free coaching.

STEP 2: Using your passcode, login and take the assessment. When your assessment is complete, a notice will pop up to indicate whether your results were Objective and Accurate. Please note: for your protection, and as a demonstration of our integrity we will conduct these two verifications to be sure your results were valid. If not, we will recycle your password and provide further instructions.

STEP 3: The 45-page Profile Report will be available for online viewing and printing three hours after completion.

STEP 4: Once you have your Report, you can contact the coach for your follow-up session.

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