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Understand and Apply the 24 Personality Traits Vital to Your Personal and Career Success

Hi, I’m Eric Samuelson, an independent Elite Consultant licensed by the Winslow Research Institute of Discovery Bay, California. WRI has conducted over 40 years of research into measuring high performers in many fields. I have benefited personally and professionally from the ideas I’m about to share. Please read on to see how you can benefit as well. If you are looking for powerful insights on how to position yourself for a great job, or to overcome struggles in personal relationships, I completely understand. You’ve come to the right place.

Here are three reasons you may want to continue reading:

  • If you are looking for work or considering a career change in this very difficult and competitive job market, you already know how vital it is to differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicant pool.
  • If you sense particular strengths in your personality that need to be identified and developed so you can profit from each one.
  • If, being honest, you realize that you have a small quirk in your personality that has been holding you back from personal or career advancement


If any of these apply to your situation, you would benefit tremendously from this unique personal development service. Please read on….



Why are some people still stuck in a job which provides few rewards? Why are some still looking for employment? Interviewers are looking for anything that gives one candidate an edge over another. They can’t afford to make mistakes, and neither can you. That’s frustrating when you have a lot to offer and no one seems to notice. Economists worry that things will get worse before the turnaround arrives. You need an edge, RIGHT NOW, something that differentiates and strengthens you, and you need it NOW! We have the solution to breaking this logjam, and we’re making it available to you.

You’ve Come to the Right Place!


When you enroll in this specialized process, priced at just $195, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • The Personal Traits Assessment™
  • The Success Traits Growth Analysis™
  • The Momentum Coaching Session™


Let’s take a look at each of these three pieces of the package:

We start with The Personal Progress Accelerator™. This includes:

  • A confidential password allowing you to take the profile.
  • You take the Winslow Profile online when you are ready.
  • Control questions ensure a valid, objective, and accurate report.
  • You use your password to access the report when you are done.

The next part of the package is The Success Traits Growth Analysis™.

  • Review of 45-page Participant Report
  • Pre-coaching Worksheet
  • Desired Traits Matrix

Finally, you will receive The Momentum Coaching Session™.

  • 20 minute confidential, phone meeting to discuss strengths/growth plans
  • Coaching personalized and tailored to your traits
  • Analysis and Conclusions
  • Option to continue with on-going coaching
  • Color-coded Position Analysis for up to Three Positions

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We all realize that multi-million dollar contracts to play sports are handed out to the best athletes available. Skill on the field is essential. But, did you know that psychological factors are heavily considered when draft choices are made? Winslow Research has profiled tens of thousands of players and draftees for Major League Baseball, the NBA, and selected teams in the NFL and Pro Hockey as well as dozens of colleges and high schools. Results of these specialized Profiles are taken very seriously when offering scholarships or contracts to prospective athletes.

 Dark Green – Desirable; Light Green – Favorable;
Grey – Neutral; Yellow – Caution; Red – Concern

personality assessment


Your 45-page Winslow Report will include the following sections:

Personality Profiles:  Graphically illustrate your 24 personality traits on four separate charts: Interpersonal Traits, Dedication Traits, Organizational Traits, and Self-control Traits.

Personality Trait Descriptions:  The score you receive for each of the 24 Winslow Traits is described as it applies specifically to you.  These messages present a comprehensive and objective description of your personality, behavior and attitudes to enable you to better understand yourself.

Influential Traits:  More detailed information is provided on your personality assets and areas of concern.  These are the traits that will have the most profound influence in your career and personal life.  By knowing which of your traits will serve as assets and which could prevent you from achieving your potential, you will be more successful in your career and more content in your personal life.

Personal Development:  Suggestions are presented to enable you to capitalize on your assets and to control or modify your areas of concern. This information puts your new found insight to work immediately.  You learn how to make the most out of your future with initial, continuing, and future development.


Normally, those who enroll for this service receive only the detailed Report, which is outstanding on its own merits. However, we are aware that many people need an extra edge when applying for a new job. Therefore, we have included access to the unique Position Compatibility Overlays so you can see how well you compare to any job! That alone is worth the investment. This special service indicates how your personal traits scores fit five classifications:

personality assessment

Our hope is that three or fewer of your traits fall in the Concern section of the graphs. If so, that implies you have little to no incompatibility with your (desired) position. However, a number of traits in the Concern (red) boxes indicates you may be struggling which can create relational and emotional challenges. Let your Coach discuss the right overlay that fits you best.

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Since it’s hard for some to be open about personal issues, let me be transparent about my own personal struggles in years past.

I’m a fixer; a solutions guy. People pay me pretty sizable sums to solve their business and personal problems. Okay, so that makes me a good consultant, but like a double-edged sword, that quality worked against me as well. In the interest of developing solutions, I often came across, especially with friends and family, as too clinical – lacking compassion. The very qualities that propelled me forward in business were sources of pain on the personal side. I struggled for years with showing people that I authentically cared about them. That all changed when I read an unfiltered, 45-page report from the Winslow Research Institute describing two key traits deep within my personality: Recognition and Nurturance. These two qualities had repeatedly conspired to create offense in my key relationships.

Shakespeare eloquently wrote, “To thine own self be true…” I felt I needed to own up to the results of the Winslow profile, so, along with a personal coach, I determined to make changes immediately. Before long my family and my professional colleagues noticed a positive change in my behavior – more empathy, less analysis — all because I had clear, direct knowledge from Winslow Research describing how my personality was creating behavior that offended others. This was not a temporary fix. The changes lasted and conflicts were avoided.

Just reading the Report provoked a small revolution in my attitude. Having a Coach run the race with me was a huge help. First, I became aware of the issues and eventually my behavior changed, showing positive results to my friends and loved ones. I promise the same can be true for you. The change can be rapid once you have this valid, objective report in your hands.


Here’s what to do when you enroll:

  1. Use the password we’ll provide to take the Winslow Profile
  2. Print and read your Report
  3. Complete the Pre-coaching Worksheet
  4. Contact Head Coach Travis Twomey to arrange and hold your FREE 20-minute coaching session

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Questions the Winslow Reports Will Answer!

The Winslow Reports prepared on the behavior and attitudes of applicants will predict their probability of success in their position. The Winslow Profile measures the 24 personality traits related to success and the Winslow Reports present the assessment results in an easy to understand format. Your scores on each of these traits will provide answers to the following questions employers want answered:

Is this applicant a success-oriented individual?

  • Ambition: describes whether this is a competitive, goal-oriented person with a strong desire to successful.

  • Self-confidence: Is this person highly confident, truly believing they have what it takes to be successful?

  • Conscientiousness: does this person place the welfare of others before their own personal self-interest?

Will this person be a dedicated and cooperative employee?

  • Coachability: describes if this person respects authority figures (their managers) and willingly accepts leadership and direction.

  • Recognition: indicates if this person has an internal motivation to be seen as a desirable person and will act appropriately to receive recognition.

  • Trust: trusting individuals are not suspicious and defensive. They openly communicate and believe others are deserving of their trusting nature.

  • Flexibility: does this individual readily adapt to the organization’s methods of operation and decisions, or will we see resistance.

  • Contentment: Is this a happy person with a positive disposition, rather than someone who is disenchanted with life.

  • Responsibility: will this individual accept responsibility for the consequences of his or her words and actions or blame others instead.

What is this individual’s interpersonal orientation?

  • Leadership: does this individual believe enjoy managing, motivating and being responsible for others.

  • Sociability: discloses whether the applicant is a people-oriented extrovert or an introvert who focuses on “things” and avoids contact with others.

  • Exhibition: reveals if this person enjoys being the center of attention, someone who is entertaining, demonstrative and a pleasure to be with.

  • Nurturance: these individuals are keenly aware of and sensitive to the emotional needs of others and readily respond with sympathy and support.

Does this applicant meet the intellectual requirements for an employee?

  • Alertness: measures the individual’s inherent ability to learn quickly, understand complex situations and successfully solve problems.

  • Structure: indicates how organized one’s thinking, planning and actions will be. Such people will be highly mentally structured and disciplined.

  • Order: tells us if they will keep their physical surroundings neat and orderly. They will have a place for everything and everything in its place.

  • Control: will determine if this person is impulsive and talks or acts without thinking, or rather someone who will control their impulsive behavior.

Does this applicant have the required emotional maturity and discipline?

  • Composure: predicts the ability to remain calm and to function normally when problems occur and emotional stress is encountered.

  • Tough-mindedness: enables a person to cope with challenges, function in uncomfortable environments and recover quickly from disappointments.

  • Autonomy: will disclose if this is a team-oriented or team-dependent individual. Does he contribute and act cooperatively, or avoid contact with others.

Does this applicant have an inherent sales personality?

  • Sociability: how well does she enjoy interacting with others. Will she be perceived as a warm and friendly person others enjoy being with.

  • Endurance: tells us about the level of inherent physical energy and persistence which is normally required to prospect, make presentations and close sales.

  • Assertiveness: enables individuals to persuade others to do what they want and to accept their recommendations; they make things happen.

  • Tough-mindedness: equips those who must sell to accept the rejection, disappointments and setbacks that are inevitable in sales situations.


I’ve been coaching and consulting around the Winslow Profiles for 15 years. I’ve personally witnessed rapid, dramatic positive transformation in people who have trusted the profile results and then acted on the guidance.

Of course, others read their Report and put it on the shelf. They now have the smartest bookshelf in town, but it doesn’t do them any good personally. So, we added a free coaching component to be sure our good customers would receive the full benefit from their Winslow Assessment.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Uncover your T.W.I.S.T. (The Way I See Things) to discover how it serves you or inhibits you
  2. Identify the three special traits most contributing to your happiness and success
  3. Root out those pesky traits that interfere with your well-being — Identify strategies to convert each one to a positive attribute



Are you looking for work? Is the competition pretty fierce?

Your coach can show you how to use the Winslow Profile results in an interview to quickly differentiate yourself from competitors for the position. For instance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reveal your strengths without seeming boastful
  • Position “weaknesses” in terms that reassure the hiring manager
  • Obtain and use a copy of the 15-page “Manager’s Report” to offer to interviewers
  • Initiate a plan for personal transformation that inspires you and your prospective employer


Ask your coach to identify the trait clusters which identify special patterns of behavior. Are you an Innovator, an Organizer, or perhaps a Natural Leader? Certain trait combinations tell us quickly where you are at your best and where you are most vulnerable.


Winslow Research Institute has provided its Behavior Assessment Systems to organizations, professional sports teams and individuals for over 40 years.  Personal coaching organizations including Franklin Covey, Professional Education Institute and others, leading authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and hundreds of coaches utilize the Winslow Reports in their programs.

Your Winslow Report is prepared from the results of the Winslow Dynamics Profile, a validated personality assessment instrument that measures personality traits.  This comprehensive Profile measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment. The Profile is Internet based, user-friendly, and enables you to complete the Profile at your location and convenience. The Profile takes less than one hour to complete, and your results are available on the Internet shortly after the Profile is complete. From the results of your Profile we prepare a 45-page Report presenting objective information on your personality, behavior and attitudes. With this information you can capitalize on your personality assets, modify your behavior and achieve the results you seek. The results will help you achieve success in your career and contentment in your personal lifestyle.

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Remember…your $195 investment includes:

  • confidential password for online access
  • 45-page profile report – guaranteed valid, objective and accurate
  • Position Compatibility Summary
  • 20-minute coaching session

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