6 Points Which Distinguish the Winslow from Other Profiles

1.  Presentation – We provide deep insight into 24 personality traits, each measured on a scale of 1 to 10.  Each Participant receives a 45-page, detailed report.  Business clients also receives a 15-page Manager’s report and a 4-7 page Executive Report.  Winslow licensees are trained to provide instruction in understanding the nuances of the report and may offer advice on certain points applicable toward the next interview, as well as developmental steps for the hired individual.  Validity is guaranteed and client satisfaction is paramount.

2.  Validity and Reliability – Over 2,000 validity studies contribute to the accuracy of our assessment.  If the Winslow report predicts a certain behavior because of a certain trait score, it is much more than an educated guess.  Decades of research establish the Winslow Instrument as an instrument that measures what it claims to measure.

3.  Objectivity – Nestled in the questionnaire are two types of control questions which measure whether a Participant is answering accurately and objectively.  If an individual exceeds a certain threshold on either of those scales, we are unable to print the report.  The results are considered “invalid” and a full retake of the instrument is necessary.  There is absolutely no additional charge to anyone for this protection.  Our insistence in maintaining these tight controls magnifies the usefulness of the results.

4. Exceeds Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines – The law says if the results of an assessment are used as a criteria in hiring or promotion, the results for each applicant must be compared to a fixed set of job criteria.  These criteria must measure the candidate’s personality against the traits which are scientifically demonstrated to be desirable or undesirable for the specific position.  In keeping with the requirements of the EEOC, Supreme Court and U.S. Department of Labor, the Winslow Instrument provides a Position Compatibility Summary (PCS) for each individual. The PCS provides a numeric value, comparing the applicant’s traits to those trait scores which are relevant to (and desirable for) their job description.

5.   Speed/Universality of Delivery – As our system is entirely internet-based, results are very fast.   No geographical boundaries exist.  We have clients in Australia and Europe who regularly use the system with the same ease of use as those in North America.

6. Developmental Use – The Winslow Profile is widely used by professional coaches and consultants to assist clients in a variety of ways.  Not only does it serve as a hiring instrument, but companies which focus on individual developmental needs can save dramatically on their training budgets.  (For example: Some individuals may benefit from communications skills training while others need a time management course).  No one comes to their family or job perfectly ready for every eventuality.  A professional can provide sound advice on appropriate behavior modification based on the profile results.

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