As Seen On “The Miracle”

Perhaps you saw the movie, “The Miracle” about the 1980 U.S. men’s ice hockey team who defeated the team from Russia.  It is an inspiring story, and a great film to watch.

You may recall that as coach Herb Brooks begins to pull the team together, he was more interested in a team that would work together, and fit from a personality standpoint, than simply creating a line-up of all-stars.  He knew the dangers of having too many individual star performers on a “team”.  In the film, coach Brooks is shown giving the prospective members of the team a paper test with a bunch of questions that had nothing to do with hockey, and everything to do with their personality.

That happened in real life.  And that test they took was provided by The Winslow Research Institute.  It is, in fact, the foundational assessment for the profile you can take today!

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