Dear Friends,

We’ve all been there, you know—trying to find the perfect job, getting out of that troubling, stressful, annoying career we can’t stand but are forced to work at anyway.

It’s exhausting trying to find that perfect match, when we ourselves don’t even know what we want.

It’s even more disappointing when you’re trying to figure out who you are as a person—when you’re the first person who should know the answers. You try to get the pieces together, but something’s still missing. You just can’t match it up quite right.

Unless you truly know what you want to do, what drives you, and what sets you apart—you’re never going to be happy with your current life

Sound familiar? You’re not the only one—in fact thousands of people have asked the same questions. Thousands of people every day are trying to figure out the exact same thing.

What should I be doing with my life?

How did I get stuck working this job I hate?

Why am I not doing what I love?

Where am I supposed to be?

Maybe you’re trying to land that job, and just can’t figure out what sets you apart from the competition. Or maybe, you’re one of those people that just wants to understand what makes you—you!

What if you could identify 24 of your personality traits simply by taking a test?

What if these traits could help you further your career, find the perfect relationship or discover different aspects about your life you didn’t know?


It’s possible.


The Winslow Profile

Over 40 years of research and development has gone into developing the highest quality personality analysis—so you can actually pinpoint your personality, divided into 24 specific character traits. These results are so accurate in fact, the MLB and NHL both use this exact method with their players.

The Winslow Profile will truly help you evaluate what’s you’re missing, and make your personality truly shine.

The reasons for using The Winslow Profile are endless, ranging from:

  • Looking for a job
  • Considering a career change
  • Competing in a competitive job market
  • Assessing the strengths within your personality
  • Understanding what makes you unique and your best selling features
  • Developing relationships based on your unique personalities
  • Finding that dream job, perfect partner or even establishing who you are

You Don’t Have To Struggle Through Life!

The Winslow Profile Can Help

Ever wonder why some people get stuck in a dead-end job, and others continue to look for better employment? The truth is the economy is tough, and human resource departments are looking for people that stand out.

You can’t afford to blend in, and without knowing what your biggest attributes are, you’re never going to truly shine. You need a selling factor, and you need it NOW. You know, something that defines you apart, builds you up, and sets you apart from everyone else… with the Winslow Profile, we show you what that is, and how to use it to your advantage.

That’s why we created the Personal Progress Accelerator

Our Personal Progress Accelerator is the complete package—designed to take you from wall flower to stand alone, it assesses every aspect of you, to find out what makes you stand apart.

Let’s Get Started!

With our Personal Progress Accelerator, you’ll receive access to:

The Personal Traits AssessmentTM
The Success Traits Growth AnalysisTM
The Momentum Coaching SessionTM

So, I know what you’re thinking—that’s great, but what does that mean? It means you’ll have access to the most comprehensive personality assessment ever created.

It means you don’t have to continue down the same destructive path—you can finally figure out who you are, and what you were meant to do in life!

Let’s take a look at each system.

The Personal Progress AcceleratorTM.

  • Direct access to the profile using a confidential password
  • Access to the Winslow Profile online
  • Ability to complete the profile at your own pace
  • Control questions to ensure valid, objective, and accurate reports
  • Private 45-page participant report

So, now I bet you’re wondering what type of questions this report is going to ask you. Well, the truth is—it’s going to assess every potential aspect of your personality, including pieces you might not have considered important.

You’ll received detailed answers on:

  • Ambition: Whether you’re goal-oriented, competitive or a strong desire to remain successful.
  • Self-confidence: Your ability to remain highly confident, a true believer, or if you tend to question yourself.
  • Conscientiousness: Your ability to place others before you, or will you leave them behind for your own personal benefit.
  • Coachability: Whether you respect authority figures, like managers, and whether you’re willing to accept leadership and direction.
  • Trust: Your ability to trust, communicate and believe others are deserving of trust.
  • Flexibility: Can you readily adapt to an organizations operation and decisions, or will you resist and balk at the idea.
  • Recognition: Do you have the internal motivation to be seen as a desirable person, and can you appropriately act to receive recognition.
  • Contentment: Do you have a positive disposition, or are you generally disenchanted with life.
  • Responsibility: Will you accept responsibility for your actions and words, or would you rather blame others instead.
  • Leadership: Are you able to manage, motivate and maintain control over others.
  • Sociability: Are you an introverted individual, or would you rather exibit your time with people.
  • Exhibition: Do you enjoy being the center of attention, pleasing and boisterous.
  • Nurturance: Are you aware and sensitive to the emotional needs of others, and can you provide them with the support and sympathy they desire.
  • Alertness: Your inherent ability to learn quickly, understand complex situations and successfully solve problems.
  • Structure: How organized is your thinking, planning and actions.
  • Order: Do you have a neat and tidy environment, or would you rather live among chaos and disorganization.
  • Control: Are you impulsive, or rather think and speak without thinking? Or do you maintain control.
  • Composure: Can you stay calm and function normally when problems or issues occur, or if you’re emotionally stressed.
  • Tough-Mindedness: Do you cope well with challenges, function well in uncomfortable environments and recover quickly from disappointments.
  • Autonomy: How do you function in a team environment. Are you cooperative, or do you enjoy spending time by yourself.
  • Sociability: Do you enjoy spending time with others, with a warm and friendly disposition.
  • Endurance: Are you able to exert physical energy and persist through trying physical stamina.
  • Assertiveness: Are you naturally a persuasive person. Can you accept recommendation and prove results?

You’ll never have to guess your strong suits again—The Winslow Profile will lay everything out for you in detail

After you’ve finished your profile, you’ll receive the next part of this comprehensive package…

The Success Traits Growth AnalysisTM.

The second part of your Winslow Profile is the ever important analysis. You’ll receive a complete 45-page participant report, that goes into every detail of your personality—so you’ll have a thorough understanding of how you work, and what makes you unique.

Your 45-page Winslow Report will include:

  • Personality Profiles:
    4 graphically enhanced personality traits, divided into separate categories;
  • Interpersonal Traits
  • Dedication Traits
  • Organizational Traits
  • Self-control Traits
Sample Personality Assessment
  • Personality Trait Descriptions:
    You’ll receive a customized trait description of the 24 Winslow traits, as they apply to you. These messages present a comprehensive and objective description of your personality, behavior and attitudes to enable you to better understand yourself.
  • Influential Traits:
    Detailed personality assets and areas of concern. These traits have the most profound influence in your career and personal life. By knowing which of your traits will serve as assets and which could prevent you from achieving your potential, you will be more successful in your career and more content in your personal life.
  • Personal Development:
    Capitalize your assets and control or modify areas of concerns with these fabulous suggestions. You’ll learn to make the most out of your future with initial, continuing, and future development.

That’s Great—But what do I do with it? Develop these traits into your strongest attributes—that final wow factor!

Finally, you’ll receive,

The Momentum Coaching SessionTM.

The icing on the cake—we’re not going to just give you a report and send you on your way, we’re going to tell you how to implement them, change your life, and work to dramatically change your life forever.

We want to ensure you can successfully implement the changes in your life that are going to make the biggest impact. That’s why we’re including a FREE Coaching Session for every report.

This Free Coaching Session will teach you:

  • How to uncover your T.W.I.S.T (The Way I See Things) and discover how it assists or inhibits you personally.
  • Identify the top three most influential traits contributing to your success and happiness, and learn how to nurture and develop them further.
  • Discover and destroy those annoying traits that interfere with your well-being, and learn how to convert them from detrimental, to beneficial.
  • 20 minute confidential, phone meeting to discuss your strengths and growth plans
  • Personalized and custom coaching according to your traits
  • In-depth analysis and conclusions

Are you tired of working that dead end job? Are you looking for work? Is your competition blowing you away?

Your coach will show you how to use the Winslow Profile results in an interview to quickly differentiate yourself from competitors for the position. You’ll learn how to:

  • Reveal your strengths without seeming boastful
  • Position “weaknesses” in terms that reassure the hiring manager
  • Obtain and use a copy of the 15-page “Manager’s Report” to offer to interviewers
  • Initiate a plan for personal transformation that inspires you and your prospective employer

You don’t have to blend in anymore! Start Your Profile Now, and Discover What Sets You Apart from Your Competition!

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This Is The Only Profile Used By Professional Sport Teams and Colleges World Wide

Winslow Research has profiled over 10,000 players and draftees for the Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League and National Hockey League. We’ve profiled countless college and high school students, and the numbers continue to climb.

These results determine acceptance, scholarships and placements on teams and entrance into elite schools worldwide.

Thousands of Others Have Realized the Difference it Makes—Why Haven’t You?

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We understand that in this economy, you need that extra edge when applying for a new job. That’s why we’re including our 100% accurate Position Compatibility Overlay!

This special service will help you compare your personality to any job—and let you know whether you’re going to fit in, or fight your way up.

We’ll analyze 5 different categories in hopes of matching you, to your dream position—and show you any areas of concern.

Get Started Now! Registration Is SIMPLE

  • Use the password we’ll provide to take the Winslow Profile
  • Print and read your Report
  • Complete the Pre-coaching Worksheet
  • Contact Head Coach Travis Twomey and arrange your FREE 20-minute coaching session

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